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TenderCrate - One of the worlds biggest cocktail recipe library


TenderCrate is Europe’s largest drinks and cocktail recipe platform. Our platform gives you the opportunity to surf through our exciting and inspiring bartender community universe. This is whether you are a professional or a newly started bartender. TenderCrate also offers education, as well as a bartender and bar service training platform.
CaterCom - An online beverage wholesaler by Nordic Liquid Group


CaterCom is our exciting online beverage wholesaler. CaterCom specializes in customers with special needs and the only wholesaler in the Nordic market that can provide complete bar event solutions, where the customer will be able to order all beverages and rent all the necessary equipment, such as bars, glasses, equipment, etc.

CaterCom - An online beverage wholesaler by Nordic Liquid Group
Isklart - The biggest delivery of ice cubes

Isklart / Eisklart / IceMallorca

Isklart, Eisklart & IceMallorca, is a large supplier of ice cubes and crushed ice on the Danish, German, and Spanish markets. We produce with high water quality and have a strong focus on hygiene and service. Our production is located in Denmark, and we make our ice on the best quality machines. In addition, Isklart, Eisklart & IceMallorca is the only supplier on the market to guarantee delivery within 6 hours, all year round.
ZubarDubar - Rent a bar, bartenders and everything for your party


ZubarDubar is Europe’s best bar catering company. With a focus on high standards, best experiences, and competitive prices, ZubarDubar has held more than 15,000 events over the years. We employ over 200 part-time bartenders and serve more than 250,000 guests annually, making ZubarDubar the largest and best-rated bar catering company on the market. ZubarDubar currently covers the entire Nordic region, Germany and Spain.

ZubarDubar - Rent a bar, bartenders and everything for your party
Mockup - Drafttails


At Drafttails, we offer high-end cocktails on kegs. The cocktail kegs allow everyone to be a professional bartender without any hassle as they are equipped with a tap system. In Drafttails’ variety, you will find various cocktails that offer well-known classics and new taste experiences.
Mockup - DOK5000


In the middle of Odense, in the heart of Denmark, is DOK5000, a different meeting place that can accommodate everything from conferences, concerts, fairs, exhibitions, theater, and life’s big parties. DOK5000 is housed at the Port of Odense in the rustic, charming silo warehouse originally built in 1929. The premises have a raw and modern appearance, but precisely because the authentic spirit from 1929 has been preserved, the place bubbles with life, atmosphere, and charm.
Mockup - DOK5000
Mockup - Gin Hass

Gin Hass

Gin Hass’s trademark rights are owned by the Nordic Liquid Group “NLG” Group. With a festive happy color and the taste of sour lime and sweet mango, Gin Hass has become one of the most popular drinks in Europe. Gin Hass was invented by the Danish bartender Kim Hass. The Gin Hass brand is today behind several syrup and spirits products.
Mockup - LejenBartender

Lej en bartender

Lej en Bartender offers three solutions; rental of bartenders, rental of a complete bar, and cocktail courses. Moreover, each package is different to match every customer’s needs. Lej en Bartender has existed since 2006 and has vast experience in training its bartenders and service throughout Denmark.
Mockup - LejenBartender
Mockup - KlarBar


KlarBar has extensive experience with large and small events, where we have helped with both total and less comprehensive solutions. At KlarBar, you can book everything from a single bartender to your event, or you can leave all the planning in our hands and choose a complete event solution.

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