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Who is NLG?

Nordic Liquid Group is Europe’s largest specialist in bar catering and related industries. Furthermore, NLG is the owner of successful brands such as ZubarDubar, Isklart, TenderCrate, CaterCom,Gin Hass, Lej en bartender, KlarBar, TenderBar, Barschool, and Let’s cocktail.

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Nordic Liquid Group are Europe's largest specialist in barcatering

What we do best

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Expanding in Europe
European focus

Our focus is to expand our brands and businesses in the European market; today, we are present in Denmark, Germany, and Spain.

Nordic Liquid Group is a green company
Sustainability and green

We are a group with a strong focus on green conversion and sustainability. We are working on being able to be 100% green in 2024.

Nordic Liquid Group has the best team
The best team in the industry

We are proud of our team. In fact, so proud that we believe we have the best team in the industry, and our staff stands out by being very experienced and innovative.

NLG's references
Best references

Our group has the pleasure of being able to supply many of Europe’s largest companies. But we love all our customers and treat everyone equally, small and large.

Customer service

All our brands put customer service above everything else. That is why all our brands always offer 24-hour customer service by email, phone, or at one of our locations.

Nordic Liquid Group guarantee customer satisfaction
Customer satisfaction guarantee

To give all our customers the best experience. Offers all our brands full satisfaction guarantee on all deliveries, whether it is services or goods, which makes us number one in the industry!

We can work with everyone

We are extremely flexible and happy to tailor solutions for you.

Key staff in NLG

More than a team, we are a family.

200+ team members of bartenders and drivers

800+ bartenders & logistics staff

At NLG, we employ over 800 top professional, service-minded, committed, female and male bartenders, and logistics staff, who are always ready to move to assignments across the European country. They are the reason why we are the European country leader and can handle inquiries even at incredibly short notice.

Drivers - NLG's drivers

12 full time drivers & 30+ freelance drivers

We want to be flexible about time and distance. That is why we have 12 full-time drivers and over 30 freelance drivers who can transport our equipment, ingredients, spirits, and ice thousands of kilometers every year. Every day, they strive for our customers to receive their orders within the desired time. Thanks to our drivers, our customers can host their events at the expected time.

More about NLG and our vision

We strive to be the best in Europe.

Nordic Liquid Group are find in Denmark and Spain

We are already active in the Danish, German and Spanish markets

For the past 3 years we have been very busy. We have succeeded in establishing several of our brands in the German and Spanish markets. However, Denmark is still our main market, but we expect both the German and Spanish markets to grow larger than Denmark during 2021 and 2022.

Nordid Liquid Group are expanding to other countries in Europe

We are expanding

At the beginning of 2020, we decided to open up the franchise model for our brands. We did this in connection with our 5-year strategy plan for growth.

We believe that the key to growth in the European market lies in working closely together with franchise partners in new countries. Our goal is to be active in most of Europe by the end of 2025.

Nordid Liquid Group are expanding to other countries in Europe

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