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ZubarDubar is Europe’s best bar catering company. With a focus on high standards, best experiences, and competitive prices, ZubarDubar has held more than 15,000 events. We employ over 200 part-time bartenders and serve over 250,000 guests annually, making ZubarDubar the largest and best-rated bar catering company. ZubarDubar currently covers the entire Nordic region, Germany and Spain.

In the beginning, shakers were only used in Denmark. Since then, the success has increased, albeit with some bumps. The demand for mobile cocktail bars has grown, and today the idea of having a professional bartender for major events is completely natural. Therefore, we expanded ZubarDubar to Germany and Spain, where the interest is rapidly growing.

The core principle of ZubarDubar has always been clear: the guest is at the center. At ZubarDubar, we strive to raise the standard for flexibility and accessibility, where neither the event location, event size, nor timing plays a role. It is always possible to host a unique event with us.

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